June 20, 2017

Submit your Art

This is a platform exclusive for the exposure of upcoming, local artists that currently reside in Free State, South Africa.  We do offer an exception to this rule if you were originally from Free State or live within max 100 KM from the border.

We charge no fee for listing your artworks on our site.

How to submit your art?

Via Email

You can send us an email to info@freestatearts.co.za
with the following information attached:

•  Artist Statement
•  Short Art Biography (Education, Art Exhibitions, Awards)
•  2 Artworks (All artworks must be available to be sold)
•  Complete Details of each artwork, for example:
- Title
- Medium
- Size
- Year
- Price

If your application, was successful, we will send you a full application form which will include more information about how our website will work and other rules.

Online Form
Alternatively, you can fill in our online form on your right-hand side or below. One of our consultants will get back to you with a full application form, if succesful

If application is successful, what will you get?

Free Individual Listing

Your listing will include the following:

•  Own individual page with biographical info and photograph of yourself
•  Individual link, which you can use to promote yourself on any other platform
•  Full Gallery of available artworks


•  We will send out newsletter with practical information and tips on how to improve your listing

Full Listing Support

Currently, at this stage, all uploads will be handled manually.
However, we will give full support if you want to make any changes to the wording of your biography, artworks, prices etc.

•  All new artworks will be uploaded within a period of maximum two weeks.

Please Note:
We will still have discretion to which artworks will be allowed to be included on our website and which not. Where possible, we will endeavour to always give feedback on why certain artworks weren't accepted, to give you the chance to make any necessary changes if possible.

Extra Exposure

If your artwork(s) was accepted, we will give the following additional exposure:

•  Exposure on our various social media platforms
•  Newsletter Alerts to our collectors and buyers
•  One month exposure for all new artworks on our website's homepage.

In general, it is our mission to provide as much exposure as possible to our artists by advertising on various traditional (newspapers, magazine) and new media (social media, the internet) platforms.

Basic Standard Guideline

We prefer High-Quality Artworks & Fine Art Photography

Our standards are relatively high, so if you want to improve your chances of featuring on our site - please look at the guidelines below

•  Artworks must be neat and fully completed.  We don't accept half-completed artworks
•  Only submit high-quality photographs of artworks.  No blurred images or images that had too much or too low exposure

Artworks must be tasteful

We are a commercial online gallery, therefore our audience is different from collectors that visit museums and academic "high art" galleries.

We won't accept artworks that portray elements of violence, pornography, racism or any topic that can cause offence.
However, we will accept tasteful and classic nude figures.

Artworks must be your own
• We don't accept copies of artworks, except those of old master (150 years and older). If you make use of a photographer's work as reference - you must have his/her permission You must obey standard copyright laws
Media allowed

We accept any of the following types of media:

•  Traditional Art Media - oil paintings, printmaking, drawings, sculpture
•  Fine Art Photography
•  Digital Art
•  Ceramics/Pottery

We don't accept the following types of media (Not yet at this stage):

•  Jewellery
•  Craft
•  Performance Art
•  Installation Art
•  Video Art

You must be local
This platform is exclusive for the use of Free State Artist. You must currently reside within the borders of Free State, South Africa. We can make exceptions to the rule if you were originally from Free State or live within 50 - 100km from the borders.

Visit our social media platforms to view some of the artworks we promote:

For any additional information, feel free to contact us via email:

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